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Thursday, February 02, 2006

TAG! You're It

Tag-less shirts are by far the best invention in the fashion industry. I think they started with Haynes t-shirts/undershirts, but now almost everything from the Gap and Old Navy is tag-less -- Hurrah!

Gone are those itchy awful uncomfortable useless Size tags that would bother you all day long until you finally grabbed it with your arm bent behind your head and wrenched it like a dog chasing its own tail and pulled and pulled until it relented just a tiny bit, but not enough, to free it from itching your neck, and then you had to run, screaming, still clawing at this useless piece of tri-folded fabric, to find someone with industrial scissors so they could help release you from the madness, but in their haste, and your annoyed condition, they mistakenly cut the tiniest minutest littlest hole in your shirt, so that the very next time in the rinse cycle the stupid little spec of a rip grew to the size of a chick pea, so now forever and always your favorite shirt is ruined because you cut your hair too short to hang over the hole, so now everyone can see the freckles on the top of your back!!!

But now - hazah - they have given tatoos to t-shirts. Instead of the hang tag, there is now a stamped on size emblazoned right in the middle of the back of the shirt, so you are itch free and have the added bonus of knowing so easily which is the back and which is the front of your shirt!

I wonder if this is causing a huge amount of layoffs in 3rd world countries where all the tag-women used to work, stitching and preparing shirt tags. Now they are replaced with t-shirt tatoo machines.

And, lastly, when are bras going to follow suit? Why do they have not one, but TWO tags stitched onto the back strap? And, btw, just because those bra tags are made of faux silk does not mean they are any less itchy than the polyester shirt tags of old. they are still archaic, itchy, scratchy, and make those awful medieval torture devices (bras) all the more horrendous.


  • At 3/01/2006 12:31 PM, Anonymous JP said…

    I was sitting at work, fractically pulling at the tag irritating the back of my neck, until I finally just pulled it out (leaving an elongated hole on the neck seam of my fine shirt). Looking in the trash as I tossed it, I realized I have been doing this all week. Tags are the enemy, tagless clothes are god!

  • At 3/17/2006 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you buy Target brand underwear, your bun cleavage can sing the happy tagless song along with your neck.


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