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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Actual Phone Conversation

"Hello, blah blah library reference, can I help you?"
'Here's my story. I went to dunkin donuts yesterday in blank town and they charged me 8% sales tax. Why?'
"yes, why!"
"well, I don't know. I thought sales tax in NJ was 6%"
"IT IS!! So WHY did THEY charge ME 8%!!?"

So -- yes -- this lady is screaming at me, over the phone, because some stupid dunkin donuts over charged her for her coffee. 2% too much. On a buck fifty coffee, how much is that?

So, I calmly say to her,
"well, I hear how frustrated you are, and truly that obviously must have been a mistake, and I am sure someone somewhere in blankety blank town would be able to get to the bottom of this for you, perhaps by investigating this further." So I gave her the phone numbers for the police, the chamber of commerce, the better business bureau, and the township administrator.

Somewhere right now at some undisclosed dunkin donuts some heads are gonna roll.


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